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U6 Co-Ed 

U13 Girls

U13 Boys



U9 Girls

U10 Boys


U8 Boys

U17 Coed


U4 Co-Ed

U6 Co-Ed

*Subject to Change

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What are the rules of the game?

Our game rules matrix is an amended and simplified list of playing rules and regulations for each age division. We followed Ontario Soccer Association guidelines and allowed for SWYSC specific modifications. This consolidated matrix will be followed by EVERY coach and game official. 

Please read and become familiar with this matrix and please ask questions if further clarification is needed. 

When are the Game Days?

Game days will be Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Saturday.

*Note: SWYSC reserves the right to change game nights based on registration numbers at each age level. All information presented is modified for the 2022 summer season.


When are game times?

Weeknights: Approx 6pm

Saturdays: Approx 10am

Team Photo Week - Week of June 20th, 2022

Day of Champions - Saturday, August 13th, 2022


Games are sometimes cancelled due to weather or facility closure. SWYSC will make a reasonable effort to make up games but the season will be reduced if weather conditions affect playing surfaces which is beyond the control of SWYSC.