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The mission of SWYSC Women's soccer is to create a positive environment and supportive league infrastructure in order to provide the members of our community with an opportunity to develop physically and socially through the sport of soccer.

We are passionately committed to putting the best interest and safety of all the participants above all else. We strive to create a positive experience for every participant by encouraging the development of skills and social aspects of the game. The SWYSC Senior Women’s soccer is an approachable and transparent league where comments and concerns are valued and respected.

We are committed to:

  • Making decisions in the best interest of the players and the league.

  • Promoting the growth and development of the game in the community.

  • Scheduling NO games on holiday weekends to encourage family time and travel.

We take pride in:

  • The accomplishments of our players and our community.

  • The development of women in sport.

  • The value of teamwork, respect and a sense of accountability to each other.

We expect that YOU:

  • understand the responsibilities involved in being a team member in terms of willingness to attend and participate in all games.

  • are generous in winning and graceful in losing.

  • gain knowledge and understanding of the rules of the game.

  • exhibit the qualities of good sportsmanship, dedication, pride, team spirit and leadership.

  • demonstrate courtesy and respect towards teammates, officials, minor officials, opponents and spectators.

  • understand that the only way to play the game is fairly and cleanly.

When are the Game Days?

Game days will be Sundays.


When are game times?

Game times are 12pm, 1pm and 2pm


Games are sometimes cancelled due to weather or facility closure. SWYSC will make a reasonable effort to make up games but the season will be reduced if weather conditions affect playing surfaces which is beyond the control of SWYSC.

What are the rules of the game?

Our game rules matrix is an amended and simplified list of playing rules and regulations for each age division. We followed Ontario Soccer Association guidelines and allowed for SWYSC specific modifications. This consolidated matrix will be followed by EVERY coach and game official. 

Please read and become familiar with this matrix and please ask questions if further clarification is needed. 

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